Monday, August 30, 2010

Fun Run

My sister goes to the same university I went to.

She even joined the same sorority.
Sadly, with 4 years between us we were never there are the same time.

However, that does give me the opportunity to go back and visit her!

This year our school is celebrating 100 years!

My sister and I aren't the only one's to attend the university, my mom and her sister graduated in the 80's. My grandpa was a professor in the psychology department and my grandma worked in the admissions office. So we all have a little history with this school.

Homecoming is in October and I am so excited to be able to go! On Saturday, before the game there is a 5k run/walk. I participated in it one year...the other years it's safe to assume I was busy sleeping during the race.

Since I'm getting ready for that half marathon I thought it would be wise to find a few shorter races to run between now and then. My sister has always been a runner and is happy to run along with me.

I filled out the paper work and will mail it off tomorrow.

I can't wait to go back "home"!


  1. I love going back to where I went to college for homecoming!

  2. It sounds like it'll be a fun weekend! I love going back to my college for homecoming weekends!