Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 25 My day

Day 25 your day, in great detail

I accepted a position as a nanny. I am the new nanny for a 5 year old boy and a 10 year old girl. They are super sweet kids and I am lucky to have a job. Today was my first offical day of work. I was there fore 4 hours yesterday but today was my first 10 hours day. I am exhausted. Wow I don't know how mom's do it. I suppose most moms aren't just thrown in all of sudden like this but still I can't imagine. And I thought I wanted 4 kids!

I'm not really going to go into great detail because lets face it, it wasn't a super exciting day. It was raining today so our options were limited. We played Wii games, played board games, took a trip to my house to check on my dogs, went to the grocery store to get cookie dough, ate lunch, baked cookies, worked on craft projects, played more Wii games, had a swored fight, more craft projects and bored games. That could make a person tired just thinking about all that. And I still have two more days to get through this week.

I only have both kids for 10 hours a day till school starts. The boy is in morning half day kindergarten so then my days won't start till 11ish. Thankfully, the girl will be in school till 2 or 3. She's a bit of a handful. So this is my life now! I'm going to look up the weather and more inside activities to do for tomorrow in case its raining again!


  1. That actually sounds fun! I'd love to play mommy for a while.

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