Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 22 A Website

Sinc eI started volunteering for the Virginia Beach SPCA I am promoting everywhere I can! I love all of the animals there and they all deserve a loving home. So needless to say this is the link for the VBSPCA.

If you don't live in Virginia Beach take a minute look up your local SPCA and see what you can do to help. A lot of people say they don't understand how I can go there and not want to come home with all of the animals, and that they could never do it. Believe me if I had so much money that I could have a house/yard big enough and plenty of people to take care of them all I would! But I feel better knowing that even for a couple of hours I made sure those animals know someone loves them. It just take a little bit of time to do something wonderful. :)

Lavender cuddling with her blue man toy
rescued as puppies!

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  1. I love going to the SPCA to check out the dogs....soon as me and Big Man get a house (and yard) we plan on getting another dog.