Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Phone

I just got the Motorola Devour!

I am so excited!!

I really have no idea how to use's a little too smart for me!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

 can't even remember what I last wrote about. Which is so sad because so many things have been happening...and now they are all blending together because I didn't write it all down as it happenend!

Let's see...Shadowing at the elementary school. That was so much fun! I spent most of the time with Kindergardners. I loved them!! I spent a little bit of time with a first grade class and it was interesting. It was fun to see how much more they can do on their own. I didn't have a chance to sit in on a second grade class. I spent the morning with a 3rd grade class. I sat through math and government. That was enough to make me remember I really don't like government or math so how could I teach someone else that! Looks like teaching may not be for me unless I could stick with the little ones. But I may haev just loved spending time with the little ones becuase I really one little ones right now.

My mom is having double knee replacement surgery in June. May or may not have written about that yet. It is not the greatest time for her to decide to do this but when is the perfect time.

I have been hanging out with a friend from middle school. We lost touch with each other for a while in high school but reconnected while I was college. He joined the Marines after high school and is now out and trying to fit back into civillian life. We always have so much fun together and it has been nice to spend time with a real friend. Someone I picked out as a friend not someone I was forced to be friends with like E's coworker's wives. Not that they aren't nice women it's just not the same.

E and his brother have been building a fence for the past couple of days. Neither of them have done this before which is probably why it has taken so long. Also, the weather has been against them because it has rained almost everyday since they started so they cut down on some of their working time.

Odds are that I won't be back on again for a while. I'll be in Ohio all next week and my grandma doesn't have wireless interent. I may end up at starbucks or panera trying to get caught up in my reading!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

When I grow up I want to be a....

I'm taking the first step to deciding my future career. I will be shadowing a 3rd grade teacher all day Tuesday. I really don't know what she will have me do. I kind of hope I just sit in the back of the class and watch. I am very nervous. But really it's not a big deal. What's one day. If Tuesday afternoon I decided teaching is something I never want to think about again. I haven't wasted any money or time. Because lets face it i'm not doing too much these days anyway.

The elementary school I will be at is actually the one I went to for 4th and 5th grade. I believe that my 5th grade teachers are still there. I wonder if they will remember me. I don't feel like I have changed much...I have boobs nows, and I'm probably a few inches taller.

One of my moms friends is letting me work on some of her furniture. She wants a change and I need a project. I can't wait to get started. I pick up the pieces on Tuesday afternoon.

I ran 3 miles today and that alone makes today productive.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Facts

My dad leaves for Afgahnistan in two weeks. He is on leave right now after being in training for months. In two weeks it is going to be a very sad house. But there's no time to think about that right now. It doesn't do anyone any good.

E graduates in exactly one week and I will be able to see him in 8 days! Man do I miss that boy. We had a long distance relationship the whole time I was in college so really I should be used to the time apart. But I really don't believe anyone who says it gets easier. Mainly, because I have been spoiled the past year in having him around all the time.

The puppies had to go to a new vet today. I took them to the one on post because it's cheaper. I wasn't impressed. You really do pay for what you get. The nurse literally scared the shit out of bear. That part was really funny. But I felt so bad for him because he was so nervous around her. Lavender was a champ like normal.

My little girl

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dallas, Texas

I went to texas and came back a redneck...literally! Whoa am I sunburned.

I'm going to recap just like I did with the New York trip. The trip to Texas was to see my betterhalf, Rachel. She was my roommate freshman year. She is my best bestfriend.

Day 1 - Thursday
I arrived in Dallas at 10am. Rach showed me around where she works and we did a little shopping. She lives in Lone Oak, Texas. Which I think sounds sooo Texas. The town is as small as it sounds! Thursday evening I got my first and only tattoo! It is super cute and I just love it. However, it hurt and I will never get another one...I promise. We went out to the local bar. It was an experience. I am so not a small town girl.

Day 2 - Friday
We went to the Gallaria in Dallas.

We spent most of the day there. We were lucky enough to even get a chance to sit in some of the lovely Dallas traffic on the way home.
We went back to the bar again. ended up at some party after the bar closed. A nice boy was infatuated with Rach. He made us the best pizza and mac&cheese. It may have been the best because of all we had to drink that night but hey at least it was good. We spent the night at one of Rachel's friend's house.

Day 3 - Saturday
We did volunteer work with Rachel's job. from 10am to 3pm. This is how I became a redneck. Here are some photos from the event.

That night we went to see Bounty Hunter. It was a cute movie. Nothing to rave about though.

Day 4 - Sunday
We took it easy, slept in and had a lazy breakfast. We went to Olive Garden, my favorite restaurant, for lunch. We said a sad goodbye at the airport. But are looking forward to seeing each other again at some point this summer. Because we really can't be seperated for long!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Leavin' On a Jet Plane

Laptop is still broken...Leaving me blogless. *Super sad face*

I leave for Texas in the morning to visit my betterhalf. My betterhalf is not my husband, but my bestfriend whom I met in college. E has come to terms with it. Please don't be offended for him. :)

I am beyond excited about this trip!!
I haven't seen her since my wedding last year. Really that is just too long.

Dallas here I come!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

NYC Trip

Day 1 - Saturday
My mom and I arrived at Penn Station on Saturday afternoon. The weather was beautiful. Our hotel wasn't far from the station so we walked there and checked in early. Then we headed back out to enjoy the day. First we went to the subway, bought our unlimited ride passes and hopped on to get to the Staten Island Ferry. The ferry ride was fun I was able to snap some pretty good pictures. After that we went by the Charging Bull Statue on Wall Street. It was packed with tourists both times! By the time we made it to the 9/11 memorial office it was just closing. But I was able to see how they are rebuilding. So amazing.

Day 2 - Sunday
My Aunt and cousin  were scheduled to fly in around noon and make it to the hotel by 1pm. My mom and I figured we could go to the American Museum of Natural History in the morning grab lunch and be able to meet them when they arrive ar the hotel. Walking to the subway my mom tripped and fell. This was no gracefull fall. Lots of people offered to call us an ambulance. She declined everytime. One lady told us we should sue.

We went back the the hotel and put ice on her knee and wrist. She decided we should go to the ER just in case. So off we went to hail a taxi. Saint Vincent's was the closest hospital to the hotel. It was pretty much amazing. They has us admitted much faster than any military hospital I've been to. My mom got  an ace bandage for her wrist and this huge monster of a brace for her knee. Oh, and a cane. We made it back to the hotel just in time to meet my aunt and cousin.

The four of us went out to lunch and then headed over to NYC's version of Walgreens. I went downstairs to find some Mortin while everyone else looked for snacks. Not even a minute after I left my mom, my cousin comes running down saying my mom fell AGAIN! (OH MY GOSH!)

{{You should know this doesn't happen all the time. While my mom is clumsy she is often up right and not flat on the ground multiple times a day.}}

We did not go back to the hospital. We did go back to the hotel. We did get a handicap room for her. We did make sure she was fine in bed and went back out. What we did out in town I have no memory of.

Day 3 - Monday
The lovely lady we worked with yesterday at the ER called me and told me that they revealuated my mom's x-ray's and there is a chip in her wrist so she has to come back to get a brace/cast. Oh funny you should call lovely lady because it just so happens she fell again after we left the ER. 

My aunt and cousin go to Soho or something like that and my mom and I get back in a cab and go to the ER. At this point my aunt and I agree that my mom cannot take the train back as planned with me. I am on the phone with E trying to find cheap flights. And talking to my mom's best friend to make sure she can pick her up from the airport. Finally, we get all of it arranged.

Day 4 - Tuesday
My aunt and I went running in central the pouring down rain. It was fabulous. no one was out there. That is the best memory I have from the trip. Determined to get out of the hotel my mom and I tried again to go to the Natural History Museum. This time we take a cab. It was pretty close to terrible. The museum has wheel chairs. But is not really wheel chair friendly. It was packed and there are only a couple of elevators that everyone was using.

I went shopping that evening with my aunt and cousin. I got a really cute pair of jeans from H&M. and saw Time Square all light up.
The Cousin and I in Time Square

Day 5 - Wednesday
My mom was scheduled to leave for the airport at 9:30am. We scheduled a car to come pick her up. Turned out to be a limo. My train didn't leave till 3:30pm.

Off we went to 5th avenue.

We stopped by Kleinfeld Bridal's shop on the way back to the hotel. My cousin just loves the show Say Yes To The Dress. There weren't many people around so we went in thinking we might be able to look around even though we didn't have a dress appointment. They are closed on Wednesday's. But Joan from the TV Show was there and showed us around the entire store! It was very cool. And my little cousin was beyond excited.

The trip was crazy. Living at my parents house with my broken mom has been crazy. I never thought I say this but I really wish I was back in Pensacola. :) hahaha who am I kidding I really just with my husband was here.

**The only pictures I have are the one's I stole from her facebook. I download all my pictures to my laptop, and then it erases all the pictures off my camera. The laptop then died. I am way out of my element here not being about to get online whenever I want!