Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 28 What's in my purse

I only use a purse when I need to carry a lot. Usually, that's when I want to bring a drink or snacks. What can I say I like to be prepared on a long day. The bigger the bag I have the more likely I am to carry needless things around all day. 

On a normal day I just have a clutch. My phone fits in an outer pocket. In the zipper pocket is my chap stick, military ID, drivers license, credit cards, cash (but that's rare). I wish that I had room for my keys. Those just get stuck in my pocket or I have to carry them.

Now that I'm a nanny I have a bag with a change of clothes tennis shoes (I wear flip flops there) and my bathing suit. I also bring a bag of craft supplies, paper, stickers, ribbon, Popsicle sticks things that are easy to make up something to do.


  1. My mom calls my 'small' purse "the suitcase"...but that's being said from a person who doesnt carry you I like to be prepared

  2. Long time to talk! I have been kinda MIA lately! What a great nanny to bring your craft stuff!!!