Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 24 - Where I Live

We live in an older neighborhood. The surrounding area is begining to be built up. There are lots of new shops and restaurants. Where 5 years ago there really wasn't anything out here. We live about 10 minutes from the beach. Which is my favorite spot to be in the summer! Here are a few pictures of the new house 

This is the front of our house. We just trimmed all of the bushes (I'd like to get rid of those big monsters in front of the house but that's a project for another time. We put all the mulch down. And added solar lights to the walk way. Unfortunantly, some of the lights don't get enough sunlight during the day to last very long at night! However, it looks like a brand new house!

This is our back yard. One of the biggest selling points of the house for us. We wanted a house with a large yard and a garage. Luckily, we like the rest of the house and neightborhood too!

The rest house is still being set up. I've heard that a house is always a work in progress. Our bedroom is my favorite spot in the house. We have a nice deck out back and this sliding door is the perfect spot for the cat to look out the window and check on the world. I love all the sunshine that comes in.


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