Friday, December 31, 2010

Winter Wonderland Pictures

 Happy New Years Eve!

E and I both have today off or work...Yay!

We spend the first half of the morning cleaning the needed it! Then we had to pick up some groceries because our fridge and pantry are bare. I have been working on laundry all day and what do you know its still not done but I'd much rather be lazy and spend time on blogger. I have been printing out pictures with the hopes of scrap booking this weekend...hopefully.

My mom and sister are on their way down. Which is one reason I need to go finish that laundry and clean up the bathroomsFor now I will leave y ou with some pictures from last weekends snow storm.

E running with 3 out of the 4 dogs in the back yard in Williamsburg
Out the front window in Williamsburg.
My dad had already shoved the drive twice at this point and the snow was still coming down!

My adorable little sister

E and I

Me and my sister

E's car in Virginia Beach...we had less snow than Williamsburg yet it took longer to clear the roads.

I wish I had pictures of us sledding but no one wanted to risk ruining their camera. It was a blast!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winner and My Year in Status

The winner of the CafePress giveaway is Allison at A Little Bit of Everything. Congratulations Allison!!

I saw this on a couple of other blogs and thought how I had to copy! Its easy to do if you have a Facebook...and really who doesn't. Almost all of my posts are happy and include many !!! I feel like I am also so excited when I type. :)

My dad left for Afghanistan today...again. I think it's actually worse than the first time. This is his third trip over there. Two weeks was just not long enough...

My mom and sister are coming to visit tomorrow and spend new years eve with us. My sister is flying to Chicago on the first and then leaves for Luxembourg. She is studying abroad for the semester. So jealous I wish I was going to be able to visit her!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Top 2 New Years Resolutions

 Top 2 New Years Resolutions


1. To continue to become a better runner. 
The Half Marathon is coming...even when I'm not out there running. I really need to focus and run no matter how tired or lazy I feel in the morning/evening. This also includes adding in more cross training. Starting in January I hope to get to the gym a few times a week to swim. In 3 months from now I will have completed my first half-marathon and I'd love to say I ran the whole thing! 

2. I want to create/craft more
I have so many pictures and scrap-booking materials that I need to use. I have a whole craft room set up for just that. I will also include blogging and adding pictures. There was a time I wouldn't post without a picture and now I'm not sure what is the last picture I put up. 

Enter the CafePress Giveaway  - Open till Mindnight Dec. 29th!


With the new year right around the corner I need to start creating a list of things for the new year. I know that I create a list of goals or things to try in the new year and usually I loose or forget about it right around the beginning of February. This year will probably be the same but I really would like to achieve a few. Such as running the entire half-marathon in March Good thing I have a couple more days to get that list together!

There is still time to enter in to the CafePress giveaway.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The day after Christmas. Another great day to shop for sales. Luckily, I have nothing to return. I was lucky enough to get a few gift cards so it's a strong possibility that we will be out hitting up the sales. 

If you are done with all the crowded shopping take a minute and check out my giveaway from CafePress!

This afternoon E is going back to our house. He has to work on Monday. I can't believe that this weekend is already over. I have Monday off and I am so glad that I do. My dad leaves later this week to go back to Afghanistan and just a day later my sister leaves for Luxembourg. She is studying aboard this semester and will be back in May. My dad will be back in June or July. So it was extra special this weekend just having everyone home.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!! I hope Santa brought you some special presents this year! 

I know I am most excited about the Camera and Cricut Expression
 I found under the tree with my name on it. :)

I know everyone is super busy with family today but I just wanted to put out a little reminder about the CafePress Giveaway going on right now!! Go enter and win something just for you.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

CafePress Giveaway

I was asked to do a review for a CafePress on their amazing looking holiday cards. Unfortunately, that’s about the same time the computer took a crash and I just wasn’t able to get on board with that. Maybe next year they can keep me in mind…I’ll be better prepared hopefully!

If you are still looking to order holiday cards check out CafePress especially the operation gratitude cards. In addition, to helping our soldiers the cards are 20% off! Straight from the website this is what they say about the Operation Gratitude Cards

“An amount equal to 10% of the final purchase price for all Holiday Photo Flat Card Stationery tagged with "Operation Gratitude" and sold through the Marketplace during October 12, 2010 through December 25, 2010 will be donated to Operation Gratitude (”

You know I love a program helping the military!

Lucky for me the company is still letting me host a review/giveaway! I browsed through the site and actually ended up getting a Christmas present for my mother-in law. And then decided I could really use a new water bottle. I love how they have all the pre-designed images and that you can create you own. Talk about getting what you want! I decided on the US Coastie Wife. After I placed the order it arrived quickly and in great shape. I love the size, perfect for at work or to take on a run. The bottle is 12oz so this isn’t the only thing I would pack for a long trip where you wouldn’t be able to fill up again. But when water is easily available for refills it’s perfect.

There is a label on the thermos that says it can keep liquids cold for up to 12 hours. I didn’t get a chance to wash it before I came to work this morning. So I haven’t been able to test it out. However, I was able to easily take it apart for washing. The packaging says it is top shelf dishwasher safe which is awesome because I hate hand washing things! The first few times I will probably hand wash but after the newness wears off it’s going in the dishwasher just like everything else!

Now, it’s your turn! You get to pick your own Thermos from CafePress!

This giveaway is for followers and US residents only.

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Since the Christmas is coming up and you and I probably won’t be online as often as normal. You can enter this giveaway till Wednesday December 29th. I will announce the winner on Thursday, December 30th.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I hope everyone is have a good week so far...

I'm packing and getting ready for the trip. I hope there isn't too much snow!

Entry in for a chance to win $35 gift certificate to

Good Luck!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I am working late at the office all this week in order to take a half day Thursday and all day Friday off so I can go pick my sister up from school in Ohio!

We got the CD with our family pictures maybe if I have time tomorrow I will be able to upload a few...might wait till after the trip. I have one absolute favorite of the kids!

Of course don't forget about the CSN Giveaway 

Last chance to enter is tomorrow by 6pm Eastern Time.

Good Luck

Monday, December 13, 2010

I have had a cold I just can't shake this past week.

I have been going to bed around 8 or 830pm and feel extremely old!

Another reason I haven't written much is because E broke our laptop. my life line to the real world is out of order. It still technically works if you can stand to look at a fuzzy red screen. We are waiting till after Christmas to get it fixed so perhaps I won't be positing much until then.

Anyway, I just poped on to tell you to check out my giveaway!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Just in time for The Holidays I have a CSN giveaway for all you lovely readers!

Because I was so happy with my review last month...and because I has such a hard time deciding between something for the kitchen, one of the many flat screen TV Stands, or something for my furbabies. I knew this month I needed to give someone else the chance to shop with a gift certificate of $35! 

In order, to give the winner time to shop and order before the holidays I'll keep this short. The winner will be selected at and this entry will be open until 6pm on Wednesday December 15th.

Please leave a separate comment for each entry

Entry 1: Be a follower and let me know! 

Entry 2: Look around CSN and tell me what you would get if you win

Entry 3: Tell me what is your favorite thing about the holidays

Good Luck!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I got a spam comment today...on a post from months ago!


I already deleted the comment...but I thought it was pretty funny.

However, I hope it doesn't happen often cause that will get annoying real fast.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Weekend

This Saturday is going to be so busy!

We are going to take family pictures with the inlaws. We are keeping it simple white shirts and bleu jeans.

Then we are celebrating my sister in law's and my birthday by going out to dinner.
I hope we go to Cheesecake factory.

And we are finishing the night by going to see The Lion King


Sunday, EJ and I are going to a local farm to cut down our Christmas tree. I am very excited about this. The past two years we have had a small table top tree because we lived in a small apartment and then we weren't actually in our home for the Holidays. So this year since we aren't going anywhere I want a real big tree. When I was little my family went out every year and cut down a tree and that is one tradition I would really like to keep!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Favorite Month

Today is December 1st!

I love the month of December. It is my favorite time of year. I love the lights and sounds and smells and the holiday shopping.

Not to mention it is also my birthday month and I'll be 25 this year!

Needless to say I am happy it is December.