Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 26 My week

Day 26 your week in great detail

We are almost through the week right now so I guess I'll go over a few things that happened earlier in the week. I knew I needed to get things done on Monday since I would be starting to work on Tuesday. I went to the doctors early. E and I are trying to have a baby but have some fertility issues so I needed to get a referral. Then I ran all over town getting errands done. I got a call in the early afternoon from the Crowne Plaza asking to set up an interview. I told them I could come in that afternoon or Tuesday morning. She said she could fit me in at 2pm. I finished up what I was doing and headed back home to get ready.

The interview went well. The position is in the food and beverage department. It's a full time position that includes lots of weekends and nights. While I don't mind working that kind of job it's not my first choice.

While I was in that interview I missed a call from The Founders Inn, the other hotel I had the first interview with. They were letting me know that they want me to come back in for a second interview. I called back and scheduled the interview for Tuesday morning. Leaving plenty of time to get the the job that afternoon.

Today and tomorrow I will be playing with kids all day. The weather has been gross so we have been couped up inside. I'm really ready for some sun so we can go out in their pool or to the beach. E and his brother have a bunch of friends coming in for the weekend and they are all staying at his brothers house. They play video games together so it will be a big nerd-fest.

Saturday, we are all going to the beach. I think my mother in law is going to come out and have a girls day with us - hoping for pedicures!

Sunday, I have nothing planned. I'll probably be lazy and won't do a single thing that involves 10 year olds. 

Monday, will be the first official start to a whole week of work for me in over a year! I haven't been full time employed since July 2009! crazy - now you can see why I'm hesitant to go back...that's a nice long break from dealing with the hassles of a job.

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  1. Good luck with the interview and at your new job! :)