Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Calling all mothers of 10 year old girls

I wrote for 30 days straight and the day after I almost drop it all. ha so much for creating a habit after 21 days. Oh well.

Today was a good day. The temperature was finally bearable. I even took the pups for two walks, one in the morning and one at night. I also managed to run 2 miles. I ran 1.5 miles yesterday. Yea, I'm proud that I have run two days in a row.

I am supposed to be running a half marathon in March. So far my training has been anything but great. This is the week to change that! Or so I hope. I want to take tomorrow off but the slacker in me knows that on Thursday it will be hard to run again. I'm lazy like that.

The whole nanny thing is getting better. I adore the little boy. I think he is funny and smart and keeps me entertained. But, I'm not going to lie I'm ready for school to start. I just don't know what to do with a moody 10 year old girl for 10 hours a day. I think my mother is dying with laughter when I tell her about my day because I'm sure I was a moody 10 year old girl.

She doesn't want to do anything I suggest. She doesn't have any idea of her own to keep her busy except watch YouTube videos. Which I have decided my future children will never be allowed to watch. Yes, that's me being judgemental, but she is learning some inappropriate things on there. I need help...does anyone have any ideas on how to keep girfriend busy and happy for the next week and half.

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  1. No children, but lots of babysitting experience. Is she creative? Can you do an art project? Jewelry making? Bake or cook with her? Try having her make cutout cookies and then decorate them. Good luck!