Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving...Christmas Tree...Ornament Wreath...Weekend Recap

The visit with family was way too short! I miss being able to see our family as often as we did when we lived in the same state! Oh, how I hope we get orders back to Virginia. Anyways, we went to dinner at Lambert's in Alabama on Wednesday night. Here's all of us!

 Always a lot of fun when we are together. And now it's even better that there are 3 ladies!
E's mom and I are no longer out numbered!

And because it's mandatory to have a picture of your thanksgiving table here's mine :)

Yea, that's right I never got a table cloth...I'll hit up the sales after the season to be better prepared for next year. E cooked all the food with a little assistance from the rest of us. The only thing that kind of went bad for a minute was the mashed potatoes had too much milk...but because I love to cook from the box...had instant mashed potatoes so we just added a little and then it was perfect!

Mandatory family shot! except I don't have a tripod or anything like that so my camera is on the dog crate! We make do.
We didn't go shopping on Black Friday much to my displeasure. No one wanted go and it's just not the same if you go alone. We did venture out later on Friday because we needed to get a car top carrier for the trip home this Christmas. But I don't count that as real shopping. Everyone left on Saturday morning and it was quiet again. So we headed out to the store to pick up some Christmas lights and a few other decorations and started decorating. Here's our little tree. Because we are going home again we are putting off getting a real tree again till next year. Perhaps one day I'll be able to decorate a full sized tree!

I saw this on a couple of different blogs. The first one was Eddie Ross and he made it look so easy and simple so I wanted to try it. I've seen a couple of other blogs who had done it and no one seemed to say anything about the difficulty of retwisting the wire. Until I just read this one at Thrifty Decor Chick. I wish I would have seen her's first. But let me back track for a moment. The wreath is made out of ornaments and a wire coat hanger. So you untwist the coat hanger to get the ornaments on and then at the end you are supposed to twist it back again. This was pretty much impossible, I must have had the thickest dry cleaning hanger ever. I ended up using hot glue and a little prayer that it doesn't come crashing down. So far so good.

I got the ribbon and silver door hanger from the dollar tree and spent $8 on the ornamnets.
I'd love to make more I just need to find a different kind of wire. :)


  1. Yum that food looks delish and your tree and wreath are adorable...I started a little of my decorating tonight.

  2. Glad that you had a good Thanksgiving! Love the way your "Eddie Ross" wreath turned out. :-)

    pk @ Room Remix

  3. i hear ya on the living in a different state from the rest of the family - my entire family is in illinois and i am in california with my husband and daughters -- it's really hard and the holidays make it even harder!

  4. Your wreath looks so good!

    I know what you mean, it is hard to be away from your family!!