Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chairs are complete

This was my thanksgiving project. While it doesn't look very festive it was a necessity. We have 4 chairs and 6 people will be at our house for thanksgiving. I posted the chairs earlier at their half way mark but here is everything again...for those who didn't see or just want to see the whole transformation! And it makes my life easier.

I purchased 4 chairs for $5 dollars each at a garage sale. After all is said and done these were difficult to sand and paint and I should have tried to lower the price a little bit more...oh well lesson learned.

Here's my oh so pretty chair all painted...except for the inside cause no one's going to see that part and I'm not that much of a perfectionist.

I had a very hard time picking out fabric. I have no real style design. I like dark colors, browns, black, gray. But E wanted something light and fun. We kind of compromised on this fabric. He likes the stripes and I like that there is a "grown up" detail hidden.
Here's a closer look at the hidden "grown up" detail I was referring to...I just love it!
This will not be a tutorial on how to cover a chair...because I don't really know how I just wing it!
With that being said here are my supplies and a new staple gun that didn't make the photo.
I love staple guns!
And this is where I got stuck/confused/frustrated/finally accepted defeat.
And here is the final product. It looks good. It will work for it's purpose. But I can't help thinking maybe I should have used a fabric I liked more...even if E didn't. Oh well. With our visitors arriving in a week...these are the best this first time chair make-over can do!


  1. i think that chair looks perfect! good for you for taking on such a project! you make it look easy, believe it or not! great job! :)

  2. Great job! I did this with garage sale chairs last year at this time - it is hard work but worth it!

  3. Love love love!! You did a great job. I did this awhile back and have two more to do still! Come over and help me? PLEASE!

  4. Looks awesome!!! You did a great job!!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway and for becoming a follower!!

  5. Oh my goodness! I think they look great and I LOVE the fabric! I think you'll be pleased that you went with a tasteful neutral. They look so classy!