Thursday, November 19, 2009

Post Puppy Surgery

Update: Post Surgery!

Here is little one with her cone on. She has to wear it whenever she is alone. That means at night and when I go to the gym. She is lucky that I am home so often. I can't imagine that it's comfy.
I think she was embarrassed that I was taking her picture. That's her bed area for now so that she is away from her brother and won't further injure herself. The door way is too big for the baby gate that's what the cooler is there for.

We move that cushion (from the popasian chair) around so she has a nice soft place to lay. This is her frist afternoon home from surgery. She was very drugged and drooling a lot! haha poor girl!

 This is how they currently get to play together

Because I won't let them play together yet...they often spend time at the door trying to play with each other through the's pretty funny. I'll be so happy we they can rough house again!
This is how they currently live. One stays in the living room while the other has the kitchen and dining room. They trade off because obviously the sofa is more comfortable.


  1. Aww, I hope your puppy gets better soon!

  2. aww, what a sweetie, hope she gets well soon!

  3. Awww poor little thing! I hope she gets better soon!

  4. Aww poor thing, hope she feels better soon!

  5. How sweet to see them play through the glass door!