Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rain Updates

Today momma #2 (better known as my mother in law) called to check in on us and asked me if I had my hurricane supplies ready...uhhh no I don't think so because I don't know what that means. She told me I needed to fill my bath tube with water so that if something happened at least the dogs would have clean water to drink...and if it was really bad I suppose I would drink it too....glad it's not really bad! Not that the bathtub isn't clean I did a good wipe down with a Mr. Clean magic eraser but I'm sure you understand. So while I was waiting for the tub to fill up I decided to take some pictures of the bathroom. This is our guest bathroom in case you're wondering. I am in love with this bathroom because all the pictures are from Aruba (our honeymoon location) and that just makes me so happy every time I see a picture of that beautiful island.

I love the chocolate brown in this shower curtain!

This is what the front looked like in the AM before the storm really hit.

This is what it looks like now. Yes, I realize that you can't really see much but doesn't it just look scary out there in the dark!

I wish that you could really see in this photo that our backyard is flooded! As in when I step out in the grass water covers my boots up to my ankle and probably more toward the fence as we are on a slight hill. I had to walk out there in an attempt to get the dogs to go out to potty. The rain isn't supposed to stop for hours but so far there isn't any water in the garage....let's keep it that way!

This hurricane/tropical storm turned out to be nothing more than a really bad rain storm...the wind is intense and the rain hasn't let up all day. The power went out for about 30 seconds as soon as E started to make dinner...which was really just plain funny.
I was once again nervous for nothing


  1. Just saw on our local news here in Jax. that you guys are still getting heavy rains this morning. At least you were prepared! Hopefully your yard will dry out soon!!! :)

  2. Wow I wouldn't have known what that meant either! but I do have magic erasers that I'm going to start using on the tub. that's really smart and for some reason I always thought you just used them on the walls! lol

  3. Hahaha I have had to deal with a couple of hurricanes myself so here are a couple of other things to remember for next season (june 1). Flashlights with more batteries, canned food items incase the power goes out for a few days (or months being hurricane Ike for us), a radio with batteries so you can hear news reports, bottled water, and the bathtub of water is good for a lack of power as well. Generally you can't flush a toilet after a while or get clean running water. You'll want clean drinking water and a little water to pour in the toilet when you flush it. That's for long term stuff.

    I know they can be super scary storms, especially if you haven't been in one before. It sounds like you did really well!

  4. My favorite time as a child was always hurricane season, because it meant fun family time indoors, playing games and just being together!

    I'm glad Ida downgraded and wasn't a hurricane when she made landfall!

  5. I'm glad it hasn't turned out to be bad! When I was younger, I once tried to save water in my tub for a hurricane only to find that my tub's stopper thing doesn't keep a great seal and it had all drained by the next morning!

  6. Glad everything is ok (I'm a new follower) and also wanted to say I love your bathroom! (Mostly b/c we have the same curtain - love.it!)

  7. Barely anything in Orlando...just a little drizzle