Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Recap & More!

Last we left the house at 10:30 to drive 20 mins to get to the movie that was at 12:15am. I expected the theater to be full and that we would probably have to wait in line. What I didn't realize is that the line would be outside! We were allowed inside to buy snacks and then quickly rushed out after our tickets were checked multiple times. I suppose they didn't want us sneaking in to other theaters. Then we have to look for a little piece of paper by the exit doors outside. We were number 17 which was around the corner and behind the building. Normally, I would have felt creeped out to be back there but because I was with 20 then 30...40...of my "closets friends" I didn't really feel scared. We waited outside until 11:45pm where they let us inside to stand and warm up for a minute and then took out tickets. I have never waited in line like that for a movie or show...once on Black Friday. There were 3 showings at 11:59pm and 3 at 12:15am. All sold out! Surprisingly enough though we got good seats and the crowd really wasn't bad during the movie. I hate when people talk during movies and I was pleasantly surprised no one really did. When we left the theater there was like a normal day or even less crowded since we were the only group there.

I love the books I don't usually like that kind of thing....but for this series I make an exception. That being said I think the first book was way better than the movie. However, I had just finished reading the books at that point so part of that could be it was all fresher in my mind. The thing was I didn't care for the Kristen Stewart as Bella. I pictured someone much different or something. But I have to say she steped it up a notch this movie. I think she was a better actress this time around. I enjoyed the movie a lot. Well worth the line out side. I laughed and cried. I cried a lot at the book...I cry easily though.

My thought is you should go out and see it. It's worth it.

Robert Pattinson has a new movie coming out, Remember Me. A chickflick/drama looks like it has potential maybe because he looks way cuter with short hair and a more human like skin color!


  1. The new movie did look awesome! I think this one was way better than Twilight and I loved it. I would recommend it as well!! I can't believe they made you wait outside until 30 minutes before the show!! That is crazy!

  2. eee! I'm going to see it tomorrow. I cannot wait! :)

  3. Still resisting! Haven't read the books or seen the first movie. It gets harder and harder to fight to urge to see what all the hubbub is about!