Thursday, October 1, 2009

Moving Again!

When my DH found out about this school he is currently at he told me it was only for 9 months...but that it would be a good move for his career if we moved. So I said my good-byes at work and to friends and we packed up the house and moved 100's of miles to the panhandle of good old Florida. A couple of days ago he brought home the new list of place we could go. This always brings me a sense of excitement and fear. There are some really cool places Alaska, Hawaii, back to Washington DC, and then there are places in the middle of no where that I'd rather not be. There are a few places in Virginia. DH and I are both Virginia Beach, neither of out parents still live there but they are close to that area. So needless to say he would like to move back to the area. I on the other hand want to live in a few more states before going back mainly because my best friends are married to the military also and don't live there anymore. So while I'm trying to decide on the order that I want the potential new homes to be in, my dad calls to tell me that he has received his orders. (I've been a true military brat my whole life) He's going to Afghanistan for 3 years! Whoa. I really wasn't expecting that. I mean there was talk in the past but I didn't know the length of his tour and it was just in passing so I didn't think it was a serious option apparently it is. So now I'm all sad because my daddy is going to be sooo far away for so not the greatest area....doing things he can't tell his family about. Lame. Now my options in the middle of no where don't look so bad. We are putting our lists in a different order now...My sister is in her sophomore year at college so my mom will be pretty much alone minus the pets. The last time my dad was stationed overseas we were in high school and the following year we moved over there with Bahrain. There's no chance my mom's moving this time. So now we are hoping to go to Virginia. DH's parents are going to be thrilled...they would rather have us living down the street from them...but an hour away will be fine too.
So project skinny me...took off to a slow start. I realized that I was too out of shape to complete the 30 day shred let alone try to do some other exercise. So I gave up on that after the first week. I did continue to go to the gym about 4-5 times a week and I lost 5lbs which is pretty good. Like I said a slow start but that is still a loss. So now that I feel a bit more confident I have started the shred again. I am really going to try not to give up this time. I have my sister checking in with me daily to make sure I do. I am also spending an hour doing something aerobic. Tomorrow, will be day 5 of this 30 day shred new beginning. And I feel better about the whole process now.

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  1. THREE YEARS! I didn't know they could be there for THAT long! My fiance is supposed to be there for a year, but that could change at any time. Crazy.

    I saw that you are following my blog! YAY! I think I'll follow your's too!