Monday, October 5, 2009

If friends were flowers you'd be the one I pick

Anyone who moves a lot knows how challenging it can be to make new friends. Well, this move is a little different from the others I've made because I'm no longer in school. School is the best/easiest way to make friends. This has been my crutch in the past since I can be a bit shy although it is something I have been working on it and I must say I am improving. I still wouldn't be the first person to strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to me on an airplane...I'm a realist...I'm always going to be a bit of in introvert. Anyways, tonight a very exciting thing happened. I made a friend. We bonded over that fact that we don't like where we live, that we will only be here for another six months and that we would love to move back to the city we just came from. As I was telling my better half about this exciting news. I realized that this is a little like dating again. Which is something I haven't done is almost 6 years come November when I first met my husband. Before she left she gave me her number and I got all excited because this is new and will make what I thought were going to be a looong horrible 6 months not that bad. So I would consider today a happy day. :)

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