Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Sisterhood

While I was reading tonight I came across a button that intrigued me. It said something about shrinking jeans, which made me laugh a little and of course I wanted to find out more about it. So I went to the website, The website has a lot going on and I don't completely know how to use it best yet. But it is easy to sign up and seems to be pretty interesting. It has different fitness challenges, such as Wii Fit 30 Day Challenge, 5k challenge, shredding with the sisterhood (30DS), and Fitness Friday. Part of the sisterhood is to weight yourself every Wednesday and to post about successes, failures, anything really about the past week in weight loss. This is supposed to help hold everyone accountable for continuing their weight loss journey. There are also recipes, giveaways, and success stories. It seems most members are very active and encouraging. Because you can never have too many people behind you to encourage your goals. I joined.

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  1. I heard that the link to the website isn't working..But I can't seem to fix it because when I click on it it works. I am not computer savvy enough to figure this out. :( Here is the link again maybe it will work down here. Otherwise try a google search for sisterhood of the shrinking jeans and it will come up! Good Luck!