Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Puppy Love

I love my dogs...I love them probably more than any sane person should. I think they are the cutest little pups ever....I believe they are smart but they are stubborn. They make me smile many times a day everyday. They are a handful....they like to dig and eat everything! But I love them. I'm so obsessed with them mainly because I don't have children yet and I don't have a job that demands me to think of anything but them. Yesterday, I went to a pet store with a friend to get some treats and look at see if there was any new indestructible toy. At this pet store there were dogs there for adoption. Now keep in mind I still think my dogs are the best... but I am a sucker for a cute puppy face. There were tiny dogs..which aren't really my thing but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'm more of a big dog person. And then there was one who just stole my heart away. He was a mastiff puppy mix. This puppy was probably 3x bigger then my two. Gorgeous color and so calm. I just wanted to sit down and warp my arms around him and then of course take him home. oh how my heart breaks when I see homeless animals and if I had the money and the space to take care of many more animals I would. For about 10 minutes I stood there looking at him trying to figure out how I could adopt this dog and make it work at home. This is the type of dog my husband has always wanted - a bull mastiff...but he'd take any mastiff. I'm positive if we had gone together we would have a thrid dog. I didn't always know what a mastiff for those who aren't sure the dogs are big! Here is a picture I found when I googled Mastiff...Because they are laying down you really can't tell just how big they are.
They usually weight anywhere from 75-200lbs. Males are bigger than females as with most breeds I believe. So this new addition wouldn't be small. and with 3 animals already I'm not sure we could handle it. It would be a lie if I said I wasn't still thinking about going back to that pet store and trying to find out if the dog is still available to adopt. ohh maybe one day! While trying to find out more information about adopting a mastiff I came across this website lots of good information if you are looking to adopt one of these dogs.


  1. Ohhh my goodness -- those pups are gorgeous AND HUGE!!! haha -- thanks for visiting my blog, now following you!

  2. My husband wants a Mastiff also! We already have a Boxer, and I'm not so sure I could handle it!

  3. Your babies are so sweet and pretty too! Thank you for coming over to my blog. I'll be checking in on yours regularly.
    You and your husband are a great looking couple.
    God Bless you both.

  4. I know how you feel, I am the same way! I hate seeing sweet homeless animals...if I could save all of them I would! But, I also realize it's not doing animals any favors by having too many either :-( darn it all!