Friday, October 2, 2009

Dog Parks

Now that my babies are at officially 4 months old as of yesterday and have had all their shots, they are able to go to the dog parks! There are 3 in the Pensacola area and one is even a beach so the pups can get introduced to water! Very exciting. I love the idea of a dog park because the first trip out on a leash wasn't great. The "little one" as we affectionately refer to our lab/doxin mix can wiggle out of her harness when she gets scared which is pretty much every time the wind blows. So my goal is to take them both by myself tomorrow. We aren't going to the beach I would like to be more confident in their potty training abilities so we don't pull a Marley & Me scenario. ((If you don't know what I'm talking about, in the movie Marley poops in the beach water and that's a big no-no)) Since it is not supposed to rain tomorrow...which is a pretty rare thing on a Saturday in Florida I'm hoping there will be other dogs at the park but not too many that my little one's will hide behind me the entire time. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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