Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thanksgiving & the In-Laws

It's official...we are having thanksgiving at our house this year! WOW. I am really excited..Only my husbands family is able to come which is enough because that's at least four additional people. However, I don't's not for a lack of trying. Because I certainly have tried many times I just get distracted and then something burns or boils over. My best dish is kraft mac & cheese. It is probably my favorite food because I can consistently make it well every time. Anyways, back to my thoughts. My husbands parents only came to visit us at our last place when we got married. They were there for the ceremony and then helped us pick out a new living room set and tv for our wedding present. We lived there over a year and he lived there a year before I moved in. So this is a pretty big deal that they are going to travel across the country to come visit. Needless to say I'm already thinking about the plans. We got all of our fine china as wedding gifts but I don't have a table cloth. we have a round table that turns oval when the leaf is in which we will need with everyone. I have no idea the length of table cloth I need...nor do I know how to find this measurment. It's domestic things like this that prove I should be a career woman...rather than a domestic goddess for my husband...I will be more helpful then. I'm also concerned about the food. I'm sure his parents will help they like to cook...darhlinsd husband wants to prove he can do it alone! (ahhhh) We shall see.

The whole pregnancy things has just been between me and my husband and this blog...which no one I know knows about. Until today I finally told one of my close friends that I want to have a baby. She then told me I needed to wait 5 years so we could have children together. I told her I could have a second child by then with her and that seemed to satisfy her. Anyways, it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. I don't know why I thought it would be...well that's not true I did. Because I moment I tell someone that's what I want it becomes real. Then from that moment on I feel like there is this pressure to get pregnent quickly. Which for some does happen. But I have PCOS and everything I've every read said that it's extremely hard to get pregnent. So therefore the reason I don't want to tell anyone. On the flip side I have to talk about it otherwise I'll go crazy. So when my friend asked me tonight is I was thinking about it I just spilled. Now I feel better I have one person, who now that I think about is the best person I could have told, and I don't feel like I need to talk about it to everyone in case things don't progress as quickly as I'd like.

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  1. First Thanksgiving. BIG!! I hope I don't have to host Thanksgiving for a long time! LOL!

    I pray you have no problems getting pregnant.