Friday, October 30, 2009

Time for Training

I signed up with a trainer at the gym on base today. Did everyone know that it's free besides me?!? Sometimes, I'm just so unaware of life going on around me...

Her name is Sara and I think she is fabulous. I met her during my first Gut Cut class it was her first time teaching it. Over the next couple of weeks I saw her at other classes and while I was just at the gym doing my own thing. Then the other day I'm in the zone running on the treadmill and she pops up next to me and is helping this other girl out giving her pointers and has a whole schedule planned out for her. After I was done I found her and asked her how much it would cost to meet with her and do the same thing. And she said it's free...Awesome!! So starting next Monday I will be meeting with her 3 times the first week and then we will see how it goes after that. I am so excited!!.

And because so many people recommended the couch to 5k I'm going to start today. Thank you for the suggestions!! I really like the idea of getting new shoes...maybe those can be an early birthday present. :)

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