Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ant Bites

My little puppies were just outside running around chasing each other when all of a sudden the little one started yelping and and licking her belly. She wouldn't even let me hold her! **Starting to panic** She went inside and ran into the living room still whimpering and moving around and acting weird. Finally, I saw it there were ants all over her. They must have ran through one of the anthills while they were playing. I called the emergency vet to see if there is anything I should do and basically they said to watch her to make she she doesn't have an allergic reaction. OK well that's great except I'm a bit of an over reactor and now I'm looking at her thinking does her belly look swollen? Is that her normal breathing? It's taking all I have not to wake her up every few minutes. I'm such a Nervous Nelly. Because of this I may end up letting them sleep on the sofa tonight instead of making them sleep in their crate. I hate Florida and the many millions of stupid ants!!


  1. Poor puppy!! I hope she is feeling better!

  2. Aww.. Poor baby, Hope she is feeling better!

  3. So, I was going to blog about ants today too! I was running with my dog and we BOTH stepped in in a pile of ants! Luckily he is more resilient than me and is fine, I on the other hand, have a huge swollen foot and a stockpile of Benadryl! I feel her pain! Hope she gets better soon!