Monday, September 7, 2009

Babies on the brain

To have a baby or not to?!

This is where we are. We have been married for a year and 4 months and it seems like the next step is here. Over the past couple of months I have debated with myself if this is what we should do...I mean are we finacially ready...can we raise a baby?!? The majority of our close friends have children ranging in age from 3 years old to newborns and they are all doing just fine. But before now I've never actually picture myself with a child...and right now I can't get the thought out of my head. Now the logical side says to STOP! don't even think should be focusing on a career. But I currently don't know what I want to do other than I know that I want to work. I'm also nervous that if we start trying and we don't get pregnent right away i'll be devestated. I know that I put my whole heart into things...I'm emotional that way. So i'm going to make a doctors appointment and start stress, just fun...I mean the process is the best part right?!?

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  1. Hi & thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope you'll be back to visit soon.

    As for a baby my thoughts are this, once you have one you'll wonder how on earth did you live without one?! It's better then that really favorite pair of shoes that you adore. FAR GREATER! :) In my opinion, you'll never be financially ready, or ready in any aspect to be honest. But when you welcome a little one into your life, everything falls into place. May God help you find your peace either way! :)