Monday, February 22, 2010

A Little DIY Project

On my days off I have been trying not to go out and spend a lot of money because I'm supposed to be saving for my trips to NYC and Dallas. So that leaves me cleaning the house, taking the dogs to the dog park, reading blogs which is by the way my favorite way to spend the afternoon! But sometimes I start going a little stir-crazy and I look around the house for a project I could do with little to no money being spent. 
And that's just what I did.  

When E first moved out he inherited furniture that used to be his step-dads from when he first moved out! Okay this stuff is old!! Well at least 25 years old. There are two night stands and a tall dresser. There used to be a low long dresser but E tired to change it before we got married....and let's just  say he doesn't have the crafting skills like i do! Needless to say we don't have that piece anymore. 

Here's a look at what I have done so far!

The gold handles are what started this project...I hate them!
This was currently just ugly wastes of space!

And now look at it!

I really wanted to paint it white because I've seen so many beautiful transformations out in blogland. But I also didn't want to spend any money. So the paint and handle were left over from our bedroom furniture pieces!

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  1. Omg I love what you did with this! We are in the same situation with some of our furniture being inherited from Mr Soldier's family so once he is home from deployment and it is all out of storage I plan on becoming a little home project diva!

  2. I think it looks great! I need to get going on my son's dresser transformation... wanna come do it for me? :)

  3. Oh my, this looks great! I love DIY home projects but I have the hardest time coming up with ideas. Love this :)

  4. Wow!! Now that's impressive!! It looks great!

  5. Wow, awesome job! It looks great!

  6. Good job, I love it. MUCH BETTER, it doesn't even look like the same piece!

  7. I have no artistic/creative abilities, so I am super impressed!

  8. Good job!! That was a real transformation!!! Thank you for sharing!!

    P.S. Your haircut is DARLING!!

  9. great job! it looks so much better!
    thanks for stopping by my blog, and commenting on my media center. I have more pieces I'm adding. You can see the latest tomorrow.

  10. Wow. What a gorgeous redo. You did a fabulous job!