Friday, January 29, 2010

I believe that once you start thinking about something you see or hear about that one thing you want everywhere. The first time I really noticed that was when I bought my first car. We shopped around and finally decided on the Acura MDX. I don't know much of anything about cars I pay attention to the color of cars but not much else. After we had chosen that car but before the keys were in my hot little hands. I started seeing MDX's all the time! and to think before my husband even showed my one I'd thought I'd never seen one before. Ha.
Oh I do love this car so much! 

Now, I feel like every time I sign on to Facebook or blogger someone is announcing that they are having a baby!  I've never experienced so many people being pregnant/just having a baby at one time. Hearing about morning sickness and other physical pains related to being pregnant make me second guess if that's really something I want to do! haha. I mean I know it's worth it, that's what ever mother says...but it just sounds plain miserable sometimes. Anyways, just something I noticed. Congrats to all those new mommies!! I am very happy for you :)

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  1. I've noticed the same thing! And I feel the same way about hearing all the pregnancy pains - makes me glad we're waiting a bit longer!