Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Half way to 50

Yesterday was E's 25th Birthday! He was 18 when we met...time sure does fly.

 My sister and I had big plans to tag his car while he was at school but we had to wait until after FEDEX came because I knew I needed to sign for a package. Well by the time we were able to get to walmart get the super cool crayons for writing on glass and were on our way to base, he had been let out of class early and was already home. LAME. That did not stop us! We still wrote on it even though it was in my drive way...we were women on a mission.

These are way better than what I have used in the past to write on car windows! They write just like crayons so much easier no drips like with paint!

My sister posing with our art work

We went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings one of our many favorite places to eat. We came home and had brownies and E opened his presents from us. What he really wants is to rebuild his computer so his major present is to wait until he can buy all the parts at one time. For now we got him some accessories for his grill.
This is before he started opening his presents while he's talking to his bestfriend Evan

Yes, that is two and five candles. We are the clever ones!

My sister and I spent the afternoon exploring historic Pensacola...I'm going to write about that tomorrow because this will just get too long! But I will say that I want a house just like this one day! Isn't it gorgeous!!


  1. Happy Birthday E! Can't wait to hear about the historic Pensacola!

  2. Wow, what a gorgeous house!!!

  3. Happy Birthday E! That house is just so beautiful!