Thursday, January 7, 2010

Exploring Pensacola Day 1

I think it's fun to play tourist in the town you live in because often times I don't even know places exist. I just do my daily routine and miss out on some pretty cool places. So that is what my sister and I have done this week. We went to Pensacola Beach when we had the one warm day on Saturday. I didn't take any pictures there because I left my camera at my parents house and it was in the mail.
But here are some pictures from Downtown Historic Pensacola
We also went to the Vetrans Memorial and the Memorial for Missing Children

Me on the left Kat on the Right
((we are twins seperated by 4 years))

The houses we would like to live in one day
Kat's is the one on the left with the green shutters it happens to be for sale right now

The Memorial for Missing Children

Yet another pair of amazing houses!

For my darling husband the Coastie Pelican


  1. I seriously, seriously want those houses (the smaller ones, not the mansions). So charming!

  2. I love finding new things in our many things we just by pass! :)