Friday, September 24, 2010

Shady Jobs

Alright, I am going to go ahead and order business cards! thank you to all those that shared more ideas about them! I really appreciate it. Currently, I am all booked up this weekend a job tonight and one tomorrow night! Both of these are new families! Yes, I realize that I have no social life what so ever. I am ok with that because this is only a temporary situation.

On my way to work on Tuesday I received a call from the Crowne Plaza. I interviewed with them about a month ago. They are going through management changes and were looking for people for a two different jobs. Neither of the jobs sounded that great so I wasn't too unhappy when they never called back. I was very surprised when I heard from the General manager the other day! He told  me that they were looking at my resume again and wanted to know if I had found a job in the meantime. I explained that I have something part-time but I'd be interested to hear what he had to offer. The GM says ok sounds good I'll call you tonight or tomorrow.  - This is where it gets real weird

At 8pm I get a call from a woman, who is with the Crowne asking to have an interview next week at an off site locations, she gives me her cell phone number and says if anything changes please call that not the work phone because she doesn't want anyone to listen to my message or anything like that. So I'm meeting her at a Panera next Wednesday. Sounds a bit shady right! hahahaha.

My only thought is that they are letting go of someone soon and want to fill their spot before they do but not let this poor person in on it.

I have serious doubts about this interview and the hotel. But I loved my last job at a different Crowne Plaza so that's why I'm going back.

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