Friday, September 17, 2010

Babysitting Business Cards?!

Have you seen the commercials for Well I have about 100 times. I finally decided to check it out. And what do you know it's actually pretty cool! I have received a few jobs through the website. There are actually many websites out there just for people looking for child care. At first I thought this might be a little weird, you know having strangers watch your kids. And there was one who didn't even need to meet me before I babysat their kids....I was a little nervous about what the family would be like. But it all turned out ok!

I want to increase my client base if you will. I really want to have something planned for every weekend. Weekend babysitting is super easy since usually half the time the kids are sleeping! And it's nice quick money. Most importantly I am a big fan of having my job be to play with kids.  I am kicking around the idea of printing business cards that I could hand out to people I regularly work for. This would be something tangible they could give to friends and possibly result in more business then just word of mouth. I'm not sure if people would think it was dumb and not really use it though.

I know not too many people read this but if you do...what do you think of a babysitting business honest!


  1. I think it's a good idea! I think you can sometimes get business cards for free from! :)

  2. I think it is a great idea!! I found one babysitter bc she came up to me in a parking lot and was daring enough to ask if I ever needed a babysitter! Too bad you don't live near me, I always need one!

  3. I think it's a great idea. It will make you look more professional and will def. be a great way to spread the word.

  4. I think it's a great idea. Babysitting is all about word of mouth. People trust people that their friends recommend, so why not group your recommendation with a business card.

  5. People want to do business with those they know, like and trust. An effective business card can help achieve that result. I spelled out 3 points of focus at

    "There are also plenty of ways for you to increase your profits while you are on the job".

    You can tutor the kids in a needed subject or open new subjects.
    Organize their rooms/closets/playrooms.
    Same for other rooms.
    You could deliver specialty meals for the kids on that night.
    You could find other responsible people that will babysit and be a broker of quality babysitters.

    You can also ignore all these extras and enjoy the one on one fun.

    Hope this helped.

  6. I think if they're done really cute and have all the needed info on them then they could be worth it!

  7. You should definitely do it. You never know when you'll meet potential clients. It would be great to have something to hand them instead of searching for a pen and paper on the spot.

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