Friday, July 23, 2010

This is really all about Thursday

The house is slowly but surely looking more like our house and not just a place with a ton of boxes. Now is the time in the move where things I need everyday are put away. The kitchen has been unpacked and for the most part organized. The living room has been organized in a way where we can watch tv and just relax. We just got our cable and internet hooked up yesterday. The bedroom is a slight mess but nothing I can't work around when trying to get to bed.

 This is the time in the move that I have the least motivation to get things done!

 We painted and cleaned and emptied boxes so now all the big progress is made. It's just finding a home for the extras and hanging all the pictures. We leave to go camping next week which will be a good break. However, I already sent out the invites for the housewarming party that will be two weeks from tomorrow. I have no choice but to finish up the house! Instead, I'm here on blogger delaying the inevitable.

I attended the VB SPCA volunteer orientation last night! It was pretty amazing. I cannot wait to get back in there. There is another orientation to go to where you learn how to handle working with the animals. I have to figure out when I can get into one of those sessions. Because lets be real all I want to do is play with kittens and dogs all day...not answer phones. I mean hello, I will totally clean, answer phones, do whatever they need me to do. But I'm a sucker for those animals whoe just want to be loved!

Also, yesterday I received
The Sunshine Award

Thank you Natalie that made my day!!



  1. Are you going to post pics after your finished??

  2. You are welcome!! You definitely deserve the award!! Thank you for using my button! You are the VERY first to do so!! So excited! :)