Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 3 Favorite TV Show

Day 3 - Your favorite TV Program

The only show I make time for in my day is Grey's Anatomy. Yes, it's had it's iffy times where I wasn't sure it was going to stay as strong as it was. But I think it's back for good now. I have all the seasons on DVD and I love to watch them. In college I would put in the first seasons while I did homework because I didn't need to actually watch it to know what's going on. I just like to hear it in the back ground. Yes, I'm obsessed!


  1. I like this one too!!! This is so fun doing everyday. Ya know my main prob with keeping up with blogging is I feel like I have nothing to talk about so this totally helps! Can't wait to see yours tomorrow!

  2. I wasn't into at first but I've come around to it.