Sunday, July 4, 2010

In The Name Of Honnor - Book review

I love to read. Sometimes I get stuck in a rut though and don't know what to read. So I love when people reccommend or suggest good books to read! I was asked to do a review of two books from the New York Times Bestseller's list. I just finished the first one.

It was so good that I could not put it down. It's called In the Name of Honor by Richard North Patterson. It is about a military family but you don't need to know anything about the military to enjoy the book. When I first started reading I thought that there were too many characters thrown at me. However, all of the family connections and backgrounds were explained well and it came together nicely. The end takes a crazy turn! I would say that this could have been an amazing book but I was not completely satisfied with the ending. I still think it was very good. A quick read for the beach or lounging by the pool this summer. 

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