Wednesday, June 30, 2010

hospital and vet visits

On Monday my mom had her knee surgery. Everything went well and she is recovering nicely. She may even be out of the hospital on Friday. She needs to be able to walk and do more on her own before the Doctors will let her go. I saw her yesterday for a while and my dad has been there most of the past 3 days. until today she was pretty drugged up still.

Tuesday i had a melt down about living with the in-laws. It wasn't a terrible idea to move in with them for a bit but its not good any more. and it is time we get out before more feelings get hurt. Hurry July 15 i need you to come asap!

Yesterday evening i felt a huge lump on Bear's neck. i then proceeded to freak out, positive it was cancer or something. My dad [[thank god he is home for multiple reasons]] calmed me down enough. This morning bear and i went to the vet. He had to be sedated and they shaved the area. It's not cancer! i don't have the paper work with me or i would tell you want the correct wording is...some kind of hematoma. 7.5 hours later i was able to bring him home. i have him in my room with me on the bed. poor guy needs some special treatment and a night away from the other dogs!

i was suppose to go see the new twilight movie with the hubs but i am a worry wort and wont leave bear. I'll see the movie this weekend. i am very excited about it!


  1. Girl I can completely related about the whole in-law thing! Although we are living in a small house behind them! We are currently house hunting because neither my husband or I can take it anymore! A girl can only bite her tongue for so long! I love my in-laws but this wasn't a good idea!

  2. Aw, I hope everything is ok with Bear!!