Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Cleaning

11 days till I leave for Virginia. I have officially started counting down. I had a wonderful visit with my family. I still can't believe that my dad will be in Afghanistan in a month. This time here in Pensacola has flown by! My sister flew out early this morning which left me awake much earlier than normal with not a lot to do.So I got the itch to clean/organize. 

Since we have decided to stay with E's parents for a few months I have decided to pack more than I would if we were moving straight into our own house because anything I don't bring with me will end up in storage. I packed up my craft room today.

I was only supposed to bring a few things but two overflowing rubber maid containers later I think I have everything I want. I took all the picture frames off the wall and put them in a nice neat pile. Hopefully, the packers will put them all together. But they don't always pack in a way that makes sense to me. After I was satisfied with the craft room I moved on to my closet. 

I have a lot of clothes but only wear a small portion of it. Some doesn't fit anymore too big or too small. Some of it I just don't like anymore. I really don't have a need for so many semi-formal date dresses. Anyway, I tried on everything I wasn't sure about to see if I felt like it fit nicely or was worth keeping a little longer. I have a pile to donate, pack to take with me, and pack for storage. I really hate getting rid of things because two months later I will frantically be searching for something only to remember I gave it away. But right now it feels good to get rid of the extras. 

This is a giveaway pile - for the record for someone who never really worked out until recently I have a large collection of tennis shoes that I have a hard time parting with. There are 3 pair in the pile and I kept two pair that don't include the two that I wear for actual running. 

What a productive Saturday!


  1. I love getting rid of things, but it's so hard to do! Good luck with your cleaning and packing!

  2. Wow! I'LL say it was a productive Saturday! Nice work! You deserve a nice nap now!!

  3. Good Job!

    I understand the apprehension about giving things away. I keep everything, just in case I MIGHT use it one day. It makes for a lot of clutter

  4. sounds like a great saturday!!
    i think i am going to devote next weekend to my spring cleaning!!
    hope you have a great sunday fun day! :)

  5. I love decluttering and organizing. We're doing the same thing right now trying to pack and organize everything for the move.

  6. It sounds like you had a really productive Saturday! I'm gearing up for a move as well and it's so time consuming going through everything! Way to get it done!

  7. I love spring cleaning. When I get on a rampage I throw so much out and find myself looking for it a day after I gave it away. Good luck getting all packed up!