Friday, March 19, 2010

Facebook is a crazy thing

All this happened before I met my husband...

In high school I dated this one guy for a couple of months(Boy 1). He was way more serious then I wanted to be so we broke up. Clearly he was bitter after that. I didn't blame him I would have been hurt had it happened to me. We weren't really on great terms after that.

Because it was high school I started dating another guy shortly after that. Who I adored. He was just simply amazing. Had my family not moved and I not met E who knows what might have happened. But we did and I am a better person being married to E.

Anyways my relationship status with these guys isn't really what I want to talk about. It's theirs.

Boy 1 pretty much hated Boy 2 because that's who I dated next. Understandable. Jealousy is a big ugly green monster that can take over anyone. The two never spoke and did not hang out with the same groups. Never. Ever.

Now we are all friends on facebook...funny how that happens. And Boy 1 often talks to boy 2. WTF.

Why does this bother me. I really couldn't tell you. Perhaps because they don't talk to me and I am a selfish person. Or maybe because boy 1 really made life difficult while I was dating boy 2.

Perhaps it's the fact that I ended up breaking up with boy 2 for E. Therefore they had some common ground to bond over. No matter what I think it's weird.

Doesn't that happen a lot on facebook though. We become friends with people we weren't really even friends with in the beginning.

I feel better now...just putting it out there. :)


  1. I think that would kind of bother me as well. If you it really bothers you, you should just de-friend one or both of them. There was somone I was kinda friends with on there and the other day I was like hmm..I'm gonna delete them and it made me feel WAY better!

  2. That happens to me on facebook, too. I am friends with people who I hardly ever talked to in high school. It is nice to see how everyones lived turned out though!

  3. ALL the time!

    I have so many people add me on facebook, that I never talked to or liked in High school. I group them as the kind of people you would run into at a coffee shop and promise to meet later and "catch up" with no intention of ever doing it.

  4. Hey Christine! Thanks so much for weighing in on what color we should paint the beam we just installed at our house. No final decision yet, but I think I'm leaning towards white as well! By the way, on your story above ^, that would totally weird me out too!! Facebook sometimes makes finding out stuff you didn't want to know waaay too easy, I think!
    Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont)

  5. Facebook is a fickle creature. It's so easy for people to connect with one another on there.

    And I agree with feeling uncomfortable. That would weird me out as well.

  6. Facebook is a weird thing. My ex-bf from high school friended me, and I accepted, even though I felt weird about it. He won't talk to me on my wall, but will email me. It's like he doesn't want anyone to know he's talking to me, but he's the one who friended me! WTF?

  7. Facebook def. is weird strange place! :)

  8. I know exactly what ya mean! People are always asking to be my friend on FB that I wasn't even friends with in high school!

  9. There are times when I just want to delete Facebook! It can be so superficial!! I left you something on my blog!