Friday, January 28, 2011

Travel Or Moving

EJ has been traveling for work this past week. This time he was in Miami. Poor baby. It was all warm and sunny and he only had to work a few hours a day. I really wish I was the one who joined the military! It alwasy sucks  but it's not long so I really can't complain. I do get pretty board. I made some awesome chocolate chip cookies from scratch. I caugth up on DVR'd shows. And of course went to bed earlier...while letting the puppies sleep with me most nights.

While EJ was gone he heard that four billets are being cut from his area at work. He knows one of the guys but no one will tell him who the other 3 are. He will find out on Monday if we are moving this summer. I really don't want to pack up and move again...I just started working! But maybe it will be a good thing. Nothing to worry about till we find out on Monday.

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