Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Job

I have a new job!

I am the new sales and catering coordinator at the Crowne Plaza in Virginia Beach.

I am still technically a nanny for the next week and a half or so till she finds a replacement. And I had to tell the little boy last night that I wasn't going to babysit him anymore. I think I was more sad about it then he was. lol which is good because the last thing I want is a sad little boy.

I am going in tomorrow to fill out the paperwork and start to get a feel for it. I have already held this position at the Crowne Plaza in Alexandria, VA but I'm sure there are some differences at each hotel. This hotel is a lot smaller then my last so that will be the biggest change. Waking up and going to work so early and wearing a suit will also take some time to adjust to. Having a full-time pay check will make it all worth it!

Here's a picture of what our life has been like the past 3 weeks with 4 dogs in the house!
Poor E his own dogs have kicked him to the floor.


  1. Congrats!!!!! As a personal trainer, there are parts of me that miss my old job where I dress up everyday. I am sure you'll do great!