Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Raining Cats and Dogs

It's raining here...it rains a lot more than I ever thought it would. I normally hate rain and would rather have pretty snow than rain but the past couple of days the low has been 65* so I'll take warm rain. The biggest problem with rain is that I don't take the dogs for a walk...selfish I know. So here we are the 4 of us all all couped up in the house. This gives me time to work on some projects and make sure I have things in order before Christmas vacation. This gives the animals time to go wild! Bear is the only one brave/dumb enough to want to spend the same amount of time outside as if there isn't a torrential down pour happening. He seems to actually enjoy it outside. It's like one huge water bowl outside. *Yum*

This is early in the afternoon. This was the first outing in the rain I can't believe how flooded it is!
Obviously Bear wasn't sure what to think at first.

Nothing like the taste of muddy water!

And my two little girls who refiuse to get their paws wet watch from inside.
Notice all the towels there to help dry him off.

While I'm not a huge fan of the rain at least I have something to amusse me


  1. Mia is a little priss when it comes to rain..she don't like to get wet either.

  2. That is awesome. I had a schnauzer named Nolie who refused to get wet- even her paws. I had to buy her dog booties and a leash with an umbrella attached. Such a diva!!!

    p.s. My daughter thinks your"doggies" are "pretty".

  3. My dog refuses to go outside if its raining!