Friday, December 3, 2010

The Weekend

This Saturday is going to be so busy!

We are going to take family pictures with the inlaws. We are keeping it simple white shirts and bleu jeans.

Then we are celebrating my sister in law's and my birthday by going out to dinner.
I hope we go to Cheesecake factory.

And we are finishing the night by going to see The Lion King


Sunday, EJ and I are going to a local farm to cut down our Christmas tree. I am very excited about this. The past two years we have had a small table top tree because we lived in a small apartment and then we weren't actually in our home for the Holidays. So this year since we aren't going anywhere I want a real big tree. When I was little my family went out every year and cut down a tree and that is one tradition I would really like to keep!

1 comment:

  1. sounds like such a fun weekend!! enjoy celebrating your birthday hun! :)
    have a great time cutting down your tree too!! as a child my family always did that as well! now i have a big fake tree....mess free i guess ;)