Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2,001 Things To Do Before You Die

I got a new book today!

I am very excited about it.

It's called 2,001 Things To Do Before You Die
 by Dane Sherwood. 

I know after the movie The Bucket List came out,  it felt like everyone created a bucket list. So there are tons of books out there listing things people should/could do. I don't know that this book is any better than the others but it is a good read. I haven't finished it yet, I'm only about half way through. There are so many fun things listed. Some are totally crazy, way out there, I'll probably never attempt, such as running for president. A lot are more acheivable like wear silk pajamas or be a pen pal. The idea is to get people thinking about what they could try and to see the joy in the little things.

I'm not getting anything from writing about this book.
It's just something fun you might like to read.

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  1. I have heard this was a really good book. Thanks for confirming!